My football musings, Premier League match reports, occasional (perhaps more often than expected😜) rants as well as a bit of Fantasy Premier League thrown in…⚽👣♥

I am an avid Liverpool FC supporter and completely passionate (read: obsessed) about all things football.

The English Premier League, which is by far the best and toughest league, is where my heart is with Steven Gerrard being my all time favourite English player.image

My dislike for Barcelona FC, my least favourite football team in the world will never fade…


My love for Luis Suarez is forever.image

I’m an exuberant participant in both the official Fantasy Premier League with my team, Pitch Invaders and the Premier League Ultimate Fantasy Team with my team, the Unusual Suspects.

All I really want in life, is to talk and write about football all day, everyday and I am utterly determined to become a successful football analyst when I grow up.

The Sky(Sports) is the limit after all!!



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